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Considerations When Architecting A Solution Salesforce Solutions When architecting a solution one needs to be sensitive to develop something manageable and sustainable while leveraging the appropriate technology for the task. Salesforce continues to push the envelope at a fast pace delivering platform enhancements to leverage for solutions.  Therein lies a challenge, how does one keep up […]

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Measure Twice – Cut Once Salesforce Data Migration I was recently asked, “How long should a simple data migration take from a legacy CRM system to Salesforce?” The answer is that there is no magic number that quantifies how long a data migration will take between systems (simple or complex). Not the ideal answer but […]

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Org Merge Best Practices Salesforce Org Merge Best Practices A little over a year ago I gave a presentation to a local Salesforce Development Group (@MNSFDCDG) surrounding org merge best practices. Odds are, you were probably not in attendance. If you fall into this category, today is your lucky day! Below I have summarized the […]

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