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Salesforce DX What is it and how do I prepare for it? Salesforce DX, arguably the largest development to come out of the developer keynote at Dreamforce ’16, will change the way we developer applications within the Salesforce platform and the App cloud. Dubbed as “Continuous Development for Salesforce apps”, Salesforce DX consists of several […]

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Geocoding Features Alexa: Check out Salesforce’s New Geocoding Features A few weeks ago, I was at my brother-in-law’s house checking out their Amazon Echo.  The kids were having a blast playing tunes and adding items to the shopping list.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t just the kids. I picked up an Echo and began tinkering with Alexa, Echo’s version […]

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Lightning Design System Salesforce Developers: Get Your Creative On! Throughout the years I’ve worked on my share of programmatic solutions ranging from internal time card applications, processing and streaming presentations, high throughput and robust middleware integrations as well as high profile community oriented sites.  The common denominator of those projects? Loathing the fact of having […]

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